How Does Our Beef Jerky Compare?

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While most beef jerky manufacturers are quick to claim they are a  premium product, consumers are often let down when they begin to read the nutritional facts label. Not only are commercial beef jerky products created from bad cuts of meat, but they are also packed with sugar and other unnatural flavorings. In this article, we will explain what makes Adeline’s Beef Jerky from Luther Brown Meats different
from other beef jerky products available through our competitors.

Adeline’s Beef Jerky is made exclusively from inside rounds to ensure the best finished product possible. Unlike our competitors that use fillers to keep costs down, we are committed to ensuring you receive the exact product that you are paying for with no surprises. To extend this commitment even farther, only locally raised and processed meat makes it into our completed beef jerky.

At Luther Brown Meats we pride ourselves on being able to provide a healthier option with fully transparent packaging. All of our beef jerky is seasoned with simple ingredients that you can pronounce including salt, sugar, minced garlic and other natural spices. While we don’t use MSG to enhance the flavor of Adeline’s Beef Jerky, we still believe you will be impressed by its great taste.

Each package of Adeline’s Beef Jerky boasts an impressive 19 grams of protein with each serving. This number may seem like a surprise when compared to other commercial beef jerky products that only achieve 10 grams of protein; however, we are able to achieve a higher protein content by not using fillers and only including great cuts of beef into our final product.

Don’t let hunger control your day. When you have Adeline’s Beef Jerky, you can skip the vending machine and ensure you are making a smart decision. Even if you are a fan of commercial beef jerky, we won’t fault you. But we encourage you to experience the difference a premium, boutique beef jerky can make.

Why Choose Luther Brown Meats?

Founded in the winter of 2015, Luther Brown Meats is committed to bringing local, fresh lean cuts of meat to Oklahoma and the surrounding areas to bring healthy meals to every table at an affordable price. We specialize in premium Oklahoma raised and processed pork and beef products to ensure the availability of healthy foods across the state and surrounding areas. If you have any question or concerns about our products, please contact us or give us a call at (918) 701-0818. We would love to hear from you!

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