Adeline’s Beef Jerky – 5 Pack


Locally born & produced premium Beef Jerky cut from inside rounds.

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Have you ever looked at the nutritional label of your favorite beef jerky only to be disappointed? If you have you aren’t alone. Even though most beef jerky manufacturers claim to be a premium product, the contents of their packaging usually contain fillers or bad cuts of meat to keep costs down. If you are searching for a better alternative at the same price-point of other commercial beef jerky products, look no further than Adeline’s Beef Jerky from Luther Brown Meats.

Our premium beef jerky is cut from inside rounds to provide a superior product while maintaining desirable nutritional levels. On average, commercial beef jerky will contain up to 10 grams of protein. By utilizing inside rounds, Adeline’s Beef Jerky is able to achieve 19 grams of protein with each serving. Not only does this coincide with Luther Brown Meats’ commitment to providing a better product, but it also provides the fuel needed to power through your day.

Luther Brown Meats has conveniently packaged Adeline’s Beef Jerky into a resealable pouch that provides three 1 oz. servings. This ensures your beef jerky remains fresh as long as possible while remaining portable. Throw Adeline’s Beef Jerky into your briefcase or purse for a quick work snack or pack it in your backpack for your upcoming camping trip. No matter where you are when hunger strikes; Adeline’s Beef Jerky from Luther Brown Meats can fulfill your cravings with no MSG or gluten.

Each package of Adeline’s Beef Jerky contains locally raised and produced beef cut from inside rounds and seasonings. Unlike commercial beef jerky products, we only utilize the best cuts of meat available to ensure an optimal snacking experience. This means you can read the ingredients label and pronounce each ingredient. With Adeline’s Beef Jerky, you can snack with confidence knowing exactly what you are eating.

Don’t let hunger control your day. When you have Adeline’s Beef Jerky, you can skip the vending machine and ensure you are making a smart decision. Even if you are a fan of commercial beef jerky, we won’t fault you. But we encourage you to experience the difference a premium, boutique beef jerky can make.

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