German style link sausages


German Style link sausages, 60% pork, 40% beef.

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While a hot dog is often considered a fan favorite because they are easily grilled or boiled, a hot dog is often no match for the complex flavors that can be achieved with a sausage. Given the opportunity, a premium product will always be the better option. Why settle for a hodgepodge of mystery meats when you can have Luther Brown Meats’ premium German Style Link Sausages?

Luther Brown Meats’ German Style Link Sausages are carefully constructed using a ratio of 60% pork and 40% beef that is seasoned before it is carefully wrapped in a natural casing. When grilled on indirect heat to a temperature of 160°F, our German style sausage links are able to achieve that familiar “crunch” with each bite that just isn’t possible with a hot dog. However, they still taste great plain or with your favorite traditional hot dog toppings.

Whether you are preparing for your next backyard gathering or getting ready for the big game, we are confident you won’t find a better sausage on the market. By focusing on natural ingredients and meat that is locally raised and produce, we are able to provide the best sausage possible with a nutritional label you are sure to love. Luther Brown Meats creates our products as a healthier alternative to commercially available alternatives and our German Style Link Sausages are no exception.

Each package of our German Style Link Sausages comes with four individual 4 oz. links. In total, each package includes one pound of our premium sausage to ensure leftovers are kept to a minimum. All you have to do is cook them to your desired level of doneness, eat and enjoy the complex flavors Luther Brown Meats’ German Style Link Sausages provides. It’s really that simple!

If you are planning an upcoming get-together or just want a flavorful addition to your next game day, Luther Brown Meats’ German Style Link Sausages are sure to be a hit. In fact, you may want to buy an extra pack just in case the first round disappears too quickly. They have a habit of doing that.

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7.0 (height) x 7.0 (width) x 1.0 (depth)

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16 oz.