Summer Sausage with Watonga Cheese and Jalapeños


Fully cooked with Watonga Cheese Curds & Jalapeños.

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FIt’s no secret that the perfect sidekick for a great summer sausage is cheese and crackers. However, it can be a hassle to combine the ingredients on your own when you just want to have a great snack. To help celebrate this match made in heaven and satisfy your cravings, Luther Brown Meats is proud to offer Summer Sausage with Watonga Cheese and Jalapeños.

Like our traditional summer sausage blend, this product contains a mixture of 50% beef and 50% pork that is smoked to perfection to provide a delicious experience. All of the meat we use to create Luther Brown Meats’ Summer Sausage with Watonga Cheese and Jalapeños is locally sourced and processed to provide the freshest product possible. To up the ante, we have included not only jalapeños to the mix but also the irresistible cheese curds produced by Watonga Cheese.

Watonga Cheese Curds are created from the freshest part of the cheese and are known for their signature “squeak”. As one of the top cheese manufacturers in this region, it only made sense to utilize their great product in our Summer Sausage. The addition of this cheese provides an instant flavor boost that you, or your guests, are sure to love.

While summer sausage is extremely popular throughout the holidays, it also makes a great snack for long car rides, camping or any activity you can think of. With 10 grams of protein in each serving, you will have the energy needed to power through your day, no matter what it may bring. Finding the perfect snack can be tough; however, we think our Summer Sausage with Watonga Cheese and Jalapeños will rival anything you have had before.

Don’t waste your time cutting summer sausage and cheese into uniform slices only to see them disappear quickly. With Luther Brown Meats’ Summer Sausage with Watonga Cheese and Jalapeños, you have the best of both worlds with each cut. All you have to do is decide what cracker you want to eat it with or whether you will eat it plain. No matter what you choose, we are confident you will love it!

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2.5 (height) x 6.0 (width) x 2.5 (depth)

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16 oz.