Luther Brown Summer Sausage


Fully cooked summer sausage 50% beef, 50% pork.

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While summer sausage is particularly popular during the holidays, we believe that it should be enjoyed year-round. While many commercial summer sausages can seem bland because of the many preservatives and unwanted ingredients they contain, Luther Brown Meats has created what we believe to be the most flavorful summer sausage available.

Luther Brown Meats’ Summer Sausage contains an evenly split ratio of 50% pork and 50% beef that is fully cooked to create a ready to eat snack. All of the meat we use in our Summer Sausage is locally raised and processed to provide the freshest experience possible. Even better, we are able to create a wonderful flavor that you are sure to love without the addition of MSG or other fillers commonly found in commercial summer sausage products.

While our Summer Sausage does contain nitrites, we only allow what is needed to preserve the freshness of our product and limit the chances of harmful bacteria growth. This ensures your product continues to provide the flavor you expect for longer without the risk of foodborne illness if it isn’t eaten all in one sitting. However, we have found that once you start eating our Summer Sausage, you may have a hard time stopping.

Like other summer sausage products, Luther Brown Meats’ Summer Sausage is great plain or paired with your favorite crackers and cheese. We have found that there is no wrong way to enjoy this product regardless of the time of the year. Not only does it taste great, it doesn’t have added calories or carbs from unnecessary ingredients. This makes it a perfect snack for anyone that is looking for a healthier option.

Whether you are trying to build the perfect holiday party platter or want to enjoy summer sausage year-round, Luther Brown Meats is here to help. Don’t settle for the processed meat you find piled on your supermarket shelves when you could have a premium option at the same price point. We know our Summer Sausage can be addicting and we are confident that you will love the unique flavors it provides, no matter what time of the year it may be. It also makes a great gift!

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2.5 (height) x 6.0 (width) x 2.5 (depth)

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16 oz.